Roe Park Resort


**Ireland’s Top100 Courses 2017 (*By Kevin Markham*):**Roe Park Roe Park’s recent upgrades, to greens especially, have given this golf resort considerably more clout. The course sits alongside the smart hotel and impressive driving range, and three practice holes have also been added. The course wraps easily around the hotel, starting down by the River Roe, playing over gentle parkland terrain.

It then has one glorious par three (the 6th) rising steeply through the heart of the buildings to a turret-like green. It’s one intimidating shot for an Index 18! The remaining 12 holes find a steadier rhythm with water and gorse and trees looping around Mullagh Hill.
It is an airy course where you will be tempted to go for your shots but the tantalising and short par four 15th will stop you in your tracks… go for glory or play safe? The 17th is a long and attractive par three and may be a card-wrecker. Roe Park’s location, not far from the revered links on the north coast, adds to the resort’s attraction.

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