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Destination Golf is a fresh, dynamic and forward-thinking company built by a team of marketing experts, journalists and photographers.

We are backed by a team of Representatives in all key golf markets and over 75 Affiliated Partners around the Globe.

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To submit press releases / content to our Travel Editors:

Mr. Karl Doyle (DG Global Guide)

Mr. Kevin Markham (DG Ireland & DG Scotland)
Mr. Peter Ellegard (DG Europe & DG World Stay&Play golf guides)
Email: [email protected]

Dermot Synnott, CEO of Global Titles:
Email: [email protected]

Dane Galligan, EMEA Commercial Manager:
Email: [email protected]

Kathy Synnott, Global Marketing Manager:
Email: [email protected]

Contributing Travel Writers:

Kevin Markham
Peter Ellegard
Andrew Marshall
Paul Marshall
Jenna Heidstrom
Cathal Bierney

International Managers:

Spain – Mr. David Doyle
Portugal – Mr. Francisco Pinto Leite
Ireland – Mr. Kevin Markham
England – Mr. Peter Ellegard
Sweden – Mr. Gene Oberto
Norway – Mr. Christian Gjerde
Italy – Mr. Gianni Attanasio
Germany – Ms. Christiane Gaul
Netherlands – Mr. Maarten Hageman
Iceland – Mr. Pall Sveinsson
Scotland – Mr. Ru Macdonald

China & SE Asia
SE Asia – Ms. Zenta Thomas
SE Asia – Mr. Sam Sakocius
Malaysia/Indonesia – Mr.Declan Crowe
China – Mr. Paul Chan

United States & Canada
United States – Mr. Ronald Montesano
United States – Mr. Tim Cotroneo
Canada – Mr. Wayne Morden

Africa / Southern Africa & Indian Ocean
Southern Africa AFRICA – Mr. John Cockayne
Tunisia/Morocco – Mr. Benjamin Oosterveer

Middle East (MENA)
MENA – Mr. Chris Haill